We produce men's, women's and children's clothing from high quality circular knitting, respecting the DNA of our customers.


With technologically advanced integrated CAD/CAM and pattern pieces systems (Investronica and Audaces), we plan and develop models based on the customer's stylistic and dimensional requirements.


The advanced systems of automatic cutting (CAM), exclusively dedicated to sampling (Lectra) or to production (Bullmer), help in one of the most important stages of the work we develop on a daily basis.


CAIFAI has a great and wide variety of confection machines which enable us to produce various products. We also rely on last generation thermal binding machines. We are prepared to produce about 150.000 pieces per month.

Finishing and packaging

We use irons, presses and automatic packaging machines which enable us to respond faster. We respect strict safety parameters and we rigorously comply with our customers’ guidelines about the packaging of clothing pieces. All children’s clothes are inspected with metal detectors. All our pieces are 100% inspected by quality control.